[wpe-webkit] AArch64 builds in AUR

Adrian Perez de Castro aperez at igalia.com
Wed Mar 6 04:29:51 PST 2019

Hello Andrea,

On Wed, 6 Mar 2019 12:38:54 +0100, Andrea Giammarchi <andrea.giammarchi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Crickets so far ... btw, I'm going skiing for the Weekend so I'll try to
> build WPE directly on the Pi.
> Everything seems to work fine except ENABLE_ACCELERATED_2D_CANVAS AND
> ENABLE_ENCRYPTED_MEDIA are both OFF, while all others are ON.
> I am interested specially in the ENABLE_ACCELERATED_2D_CANVAS, why wouldn't
> that work?

ENABLE_ACCELERATED_2D_CANVAS is disabled by default because it uses Cairo-GL,
which does not really work as well as you may imagine, and can be slower in
some cases depending on many factors (including, but not limited to, the GPU
being used). YMMV.

Note that even with ENABLE_ACCELERATED_2D_CANVAS disabled, WebGL is always
rendered by the GPU.

> Also I have another question: is wpebackend preferred over wpebackend-fdo ?
> Latter seems for Wayland, which I'm OK with, but not sure it performs any
> better than the former.

The “wpebackend” package is deprecated and has been replaced by “libwpe”
(the name was confusing, because “wpebackend” was not a backend: it was
just a library used to implement and use backends).

An alternative WPE backend that works for the Raspberry Pi is the RDK backend
[1] when built passing “-DUSE_BACKEND_BCM_RPI=ON” to CMake.

Note that I have not been using the RDK backend myself so I cannot comment on
its status, and that's the reason why I have not submitted an AUR package for
it — but should work, with the advantage that a Wayland compositor is not
needed, but with the limitations that only one Web view can be created, and
that it uses the 32-bit Raspberry Pi userland libraries (which cannot be built
in 64-bit mode [2]).

> Thanks again for extra clarifications.

Happy to help :)


[1] https://github.com/WebPlatformForEmbedded/WPEBackend-rdk
[2] https://github.com/raspberrypi/userland/issues/314
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