[wpe-webkit] WPEWebKit and Widevine

Xabier Rodríguez Calvar calvaris at igalia.com
Mon Jan 7 03:09:11 PST 2019


O Dom, 06-01-2019 ás 00:50 +0000, Brandon Adkins escribiu:
> I am using WebKitGTK to build a browser-based project that relies on
> an X11 backend. However, I need to also support DRM media, like
> Spotify and Netflix. Descriptions online say that WPEWebKit can
> handle WideVine and DRM, but I am having trouble understanding the
> project layouts.
> I see there are WPEWebKit releases in the subversion repository at
> trac.webkit.org, but looking at the code for those releases, I see
> there is no difference in DRM support than that of WebKitGTK.
> I also found a WPEWebKit repository in github, and that one has extra
> code that shows it does indeed support Widevine.
> So why is there a different repository for WPEWebKit in github. And
> why does it have DRM support code that isn't in the subversion repo
> used by WebKitGTK?

WPEWebKit repo on GitHub contains code relying on things that weren't
open source until not so long ago so we are in the process of
upstreaming it to the SVN trunk while we rework some things.

> If I took that additional DRM code from the github repo and added it
> to my WebKitGTK codebase from the subversion repo, would my browser
> now support DRM?

It would if you make the WPEFramework work in your arch, you have the
proper access to its DRM plugins, the privative DRM code, and get a
license. It's possible but not out of the box.

Best regards.

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