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>> Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/gstreamer/mse/AppendPipeline.cpp:45
>> +#define GST_CAT_DEFAULT webkit_appendpipeline_debug
> Please use webkit_mse_debug, that is defined in MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerMSE.cpp. For this you will need to make the declaration in MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerMSE.cpp as _EXTERN as it is done for GStreamer and GStreamerBase.

In any case, shouldn't the define GST_CAT_DEFAULT be still needed? I've explored the GST_TRACE() macro expansion and it expands to this code (in my particular case):

do{        \
  if ((GST_LEVEL_TRACE <= GST_LEVEL_COUNT && GST_LEVEL_TRACE <= _gst_debug_min)) {                        \
    gst_debug_log ((GST_CAT_DEFAULT), (GST_LEVEL_TRACE), "/home/enrique/WebKit/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/gstreamer/mse/MediaSourceClientGStreamerMSE.cpp", ((const char*) (__FUNCTION__)), 65,    \
        (GObject *) (0), "Adding SourceBuffer to AppendPipeline: this=%p sourceBuffer=%p appendPipeline=%p", this, sourceBufferPrivate.get(), appendPipeline.get());                \
  }                                    \
}while (0)

This seems to imply that some value is needed for GST_CAT_DEFAULT. Since that define is inside MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerMSE.cpp and not in the header (because it shouldn't be in the header in order to avoid clashing with local definitions when the header in included from other cpp files), it would remain undefined in the case of AppendPipeline, PlaybackPipeline and MediaSourceClientGStreamer. Therefore, I think we need to define it here by ourselves with the same value used in MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamerMSE.cpp:

#define GST_CAT_DEFAULT webkit_mse_debug

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