[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 144038] Add PerfAutoRun to automate browser based performance benchmarks(e.g. Speedometer and JetStream)

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> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:54
> +* **path/to/browser/directory**: should be the folder contains the executable binary(e.g. /Application/ in OSX which contains Safari.app)

missing space before parenthesis.
s/in OSX/on OSX/

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:58
> +To create a plan, you may need to refer to Plans/jetstream.plan.

s/may need to refer/may refer/

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:80
> +    * **count**: the number of times you want to execute benchmark

s/to execute benchmark/to run the benchmark./

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:81
> +    * **original_benchmark**: a relative path of benchmark to the root of this project ('PerfAutoRun' directory)

Path of the benchmark, relative to the root of this project.

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:82
> +    * **benchmark_path**: (**OPTIONAL**) a relative path of patch to the root of this project ('PerfAutoRun' directory)

Path of patch to apply, relative to the root of this project.

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:83
> +    * **entry_point**: the relative url you want browser to launch(a relative path to the webroot)

Missing space before parenthesis.

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:84
> +    * **result_wrapper**: the wrapper module you want to wrap the results. Current availble option is "MergeResultWrapper". To customize your own result wrapper, extends Utilities/ResultWrapper/BaseResultWrapper.py and register your module in Utilities/ResultWrapper/ResultWrapper.json

typo: availble

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:85
> +    * **output_file**: specifiy the output file

Typo: specifiy

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:89
> +    * when you launch the page('entry_point' in benchmark), the test will start automatically

Missing space before parenthesis.

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:93
> +      var http = new XMLHttpRequest();

same comments as before for this XHR code sample.

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:108
> +* create a patch file against original file

Missing capital letter.

> Tools/Scripts/PerfAutoRun/README.md:109
> +    * Go to the directory contains the benchmark directory(e.g. for JetStream, you should go to PerformaceTest folder)

Missing space before parenthesis.

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