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--- Comment #57 from Peter Wang <peter.wang at torchmobile.com.cn>  2012-07-12 19:03:16 PST ---
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> So, we don't worry about this any more? "some porting derived their own new class form "ScriptDebugServer"
> Also ScriptDebugServer::canSetScriptSource() should be virtual. It is weird that the base class forces all derived classes to support it. If so, why do we even call this method?

Like bug#88759, this bug removed an interface ScriptDebugServer::supportsNativeBreakpoints(), this interface existed just because JSC didn't support a feature that V8 supports. As JSC started to support it, this interface became useless and was removed.
We'll do the same thing to canSetScriptSource(). 
These interfaces are just transitions, so eventually they will be removed.    

> Back to the approach you are doing, have you tested the case that the script has been referenced by other scripts? I am afraid some JIT assemblies can still be using the old executable, or even worse, linking to freed memory.
Yes, I did. 
My approach is almost executing the same piece of JS again, just skip the step of creating a new call frame and reading the executable to evaluate. All the operations that can change the executable are still included, so I think it's safe.

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