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> > Canvas2DLayerEfl.h  -> There isnt any things specific to EFL(Atleast from the code I see here). 
> With graphics surface implementation, it could be more EFL specific class. And I'm very careful about making it to a general class unless other ports intent to use it.

Are we going to use evas to provide us context and surface for AC?? If this is the case than we should take the same path as GraphicsContext3DPrivate (EFL port). Unless EVAS is going to be used for actual primitive rendering, I dont really see any need to use it.

>> This is true currently as WebGL is disabled by default.Currently we dont >>have any other use case for GRAPHICS_SURFACE (w.r.t EFL port atleast). >>However there is no dependency of GRAPHICS_SURFACE usage on WebGL (matter of >>doing some changes in configiration ??). Is the plan to use GraphicsSurface >>as the default path and fall back to accelerated canvas with no >>GRAPHICS_SURFACE (and of course software fallback) ??

>>May be no. If GRAPHICS_SURFACE is on graphics surface version of accelerated >>canvas will be used.

I meant the current situation in the trunk. Ofcourse, we need to make changes for 2D Acceleration as needed. Than the question is do we really need support for both Accelerated Versions (With GraphicsSurface and Without ?? ). Is this the only reason to have support for both versions??

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