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------- Comment #3 from mjs at apple.com  2007-07-20 03:45 PDT -------
I think using signals as the notification mechanism makes sense for a Gtk+ API.
However, I think for other things it's worth looking at the WebKit mac API (and
the win API modelled on it but with some simplifications). The mac API has been
proven in use in multiple production-quality browsers, a mail client, many chat
programs, a number of newsreaders, and many other applications. Developers
usually say it is pretty good.

Another possible advantage is that being closer to the mac and win API will
make it easier to write cross-platform apps that still want a native version of
webkit on each platform.

Even when it comes to signals, looking at the WebKit delegate methods will
probably give a good idea of which things should have signals (don't see any
signals so far in these headers, I guess those are not defined in the header
for Gtk?). We've been careful to let the app override many key decisions and
collect full information for reporting on the page load. At the same time we
give sensible defaults so the API is easy to use.

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