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------- Comment #4 from freyther at handhelds.org  2007-07-20 10:58 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> I think using signals as the notification mechanism makes sense for a Gtk+ API.
> However, I think for other things it's worth looking at the WebKit mac API (and
> the win API modelled on it but with some simplifications). The mac API has been
> proven in use in multiple production-quality browsers, a mail client, many chat
> programs, a number of newsreaders, and many other applications. Developers
> usually say it is pretty good.

I have been looking at it a lot, and will continue to do so. The vast amount of
applications being able to use it is prove enough.

> Another possible advantage is that being closer to the mac and win API will
> make it easier to write cross-platform apps that still want a native version of
> webkit on each platform.

Conceptually WebView, WebKitQt and WebKitGtk are close enough to hopefully to
be able to do so.

> Even when it comes to signals, looking at the WebKit delegate methods will
> probably give a good idea of which things should have signals (don't see any
> signals so far in these headers, I guess those are not defined in the header
> for Gtk?). We've been careful to let the app override many key decisions and
> collect full information for reporting on the page load. At the same time we
> give sensible defaults so the API is easy to use.

Yes, g_signal_new is not used in the header, you will see function pointers in
the *Class struct's but these are either virtual methods or just default
handlers for signals (where I think they make sense). E.g. there is no use of
having a default handler for load progress so you won't see a trace in the
header file.

I have been reading the WebView and WebKitQt API that much I really wonder what
to put in the copyright line of the API :}

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