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------- Comment #2 from christian at twotoasts.de  2007-07-19 15:36 PDT -------
1. There are no signals which indicate that a file (be it a webpage, an image
or anything else) is about to be loaded. This is essential for being able to
block uris, allow for custom protocols, handling downloads and custom behavior,
for example loading images in a special image viewing application. It should be
possible to retrieve the mime type of the file.

2. There is no indication of loading progress including loading of resources

3. There is no signal when the loading has finished.

4. There are no signals for creating, modifying or deleting cookies. These
three events might fit in one 'cookie' signal.

5. I suggest the following signals to be changed to match existing gtk naming:

 mouse_move_event, mouse_press_event, mouse_release_event
 , mouse_double_click_event, mouse_wheel_event

 motion-notify-event, button-press-event, button-release-event

The double_click and wheel_event would come along with button_press_event.

5. We need a documentation of the api, especially for the not so abvious parts.

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