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------- Comment #19 from kkowalczyk at gmail.com  2007-04-04 23:52 PDT -------
(In reply to comment #16)
> (From update of attachment 13959 [edit])
> Under what conditions will sourceRanges be NULL at the call to
> spliceSubstringsWithSeparators?  A quick reading of the code suggests to me
> that pushSourceRange will always be called at least once, which will result in
> sourceRanges being initialized.  When is this not the case?
      UString matchString = regExpObj->performMatch(reg, source, startPosition,
&matchIndex, &ovector);

returns -1 and source.size() is 0. Can it really happen in practice? I don't
know - the code is too complex for me to say either way with 100% certitude.
Coverity seems to think it's possible and I can't prove it wrong.

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