[webkit-reviews] review cancelled: [Bug 14868] Import variable lookup optimizations from KJS : [Attachment 16203] Revised proposed patch

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Fri Sep 7 07:05:12 PDT 2007

Cameron Zwarich (cpst) <cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca> has cancelled Cameron Zwarich
(cpst) <cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca>'s request for review:
Bug 14868: Import variable lookup optimizations from KJS

Attachment 16203: Revised proposed patch

------- Additional Comments from Cameron Zwarich (cpst)
<cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca>
Here's a revised patch. It has the following differences:

- it now patches cleanly against ToT.
- I cleaned up some style problems, like a few ASSERT usages that I somehow
- I added test cases for the direct write bugs. The array one wouldn't actually
fail for any version of the code, because AssignBracketNode doesn't do direct

I hope I didn't miss anything. There is only one bad thing of which I am aware.
When I run the entirety of the layout tests or just fast/dom,
fast/dom/constructors-overriding.html will sometimes crash, but I can't get it
to crash on its own. The crash is in ActivationImp::mark(), which is modified
by this patch. It doesn't seem to crash without the patch (I didn't try on my
machine, I am just going by the build bot and Mark).

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