[webkit-qt] QtWebKit and QtCreator

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Mon Mar 12 04:26:36 PDT 2012

On Sunday 11 March 2012, Balazs Kelemen wrote:
> According to my experiences there are two basic issue with qtcreator's
> interpreting of ifdef sections.
> 1. it cannot evaluate parametric macros, like USE(X) or ENABLE(Y), that
> we always use in webkit
> Fortunately, it can be solved with a one line fix in the macro parser.
> I'm going to upload this fix to gerrit next week (I should have done it
> long time ago).

Actually QtCreator does handle the parametric macros when I have tested it. 
The problem I encountered was that QtCreator can not handle two macro checks 
in a define.

What I mean is that:

#define USE(x) defined(WTF_USE_x)


#define USE(x) WTF_USE_x

both work as they should, but QtCreator can not handle 

#define USE(x) defined(WTF_USE_x) && WTF_USE_x

which is the way the test-macroes are defined in WebKit. I assume your patch 
fixes the double test, if it just adds parametric macros, then I think it is 
already in.


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