[webkit-qt] QtWebKit and QtCreator

Balazs Kelemen kbalazs at webkit.org
Sun Mar 11 15:45:25 PDT 2012

According to my experiences there are two basic issue with qtcreator's 
interpreting of ifdef sections.

1. it cannot evaluate parametric macros, like USE(X) or ENABLE(Y), that 
we always use in webkit
Fortunately, it can be solved with a one line fix in the macro parser. 
I'm going to upload this fix to gerrit next week (I should have done it 
long time ago).

2. header files don't include config.h so qtcreator do not see the USE 
and ENABLE directives coming from Platform.h when parsing headers.
I don't know how can it be workarounded nicely. I think it would be nice 
if there would be a way to override macro flags in a specific file, only 
used by qtcreator, so one could unhide some sections without even making 
any change to the project files. This is the mechanism in qtcreator for 
non-qmake projects. I think this could be enabled for qmake projects as 
well. The IDE could merge the definitions of the project files and this 
separate "config" file, giving higher priority to the latter. Well, I 
think I'm going to file a feature request for that! :-)


On 03/09/2012 04:33 PM, noam.rosenthal at nokia.com wrote:
> Qt Creator doesn't deal with optional #ifdef blocks very well; It's 
> been that way for ages.
> https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-2
> Though it's possible to fix it by using the special directive 
> If someone wants to try to fix it, I think it would make a lot of 
> people happy.
> On Mar 9, 2012, at 7:14 AM, ext david.corvoysier at orange.com 
> <mailto:david.corvoysier at orange.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> When I open the QtWebKit project into QtCreator (using the top level 
>> WebKit.pro), it seems that I only get symbols contained in files 
>> unconditionnally added to the project, and not symbols related to a 
>> specific feature (like video for instance).
>> I tried several things to make selected options available to QtCreator:
>> - build the project once using build-webkit, then specify the 
>> WebKitBuild directory as a shadow build (as specified in a previous 
>> mail on this list)
>> - export the QMAKEPATH=$MYDIR/Tools/qmake variable in the project 
>> environment
>> - add special DEFINES+= directives to the project qmake args
>> But I still can't get the symbols related to my selected options ...
>> What am I doing wrong ?
>> David
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