[webkit-qt] Minutes from the Status Meeting in #qtwebkit on Freenode IRC network

Qt WebKit StatusBot qtwebkit-statusbot at openbossa.org
Thu Apr 12 08:15:41 PDT 2012

  * noamr status: creating a GraphicsSurface backend for N9
  * bbandix status: struggling with Qt build issues and preparing patch for gesture recognizers
  * ahf status Rebasing, upgrading Qt :(
  * stampho status: finishing v8 update, working on new qtjsbackend test cases
  * azbest_hu status: changing bugzilla xml output template to not include the patches itself (Bug 74929), gardening
  * reni status: trying to fix the communication between UIProcess and the chrooted WebProcess 
  * darktears status : setuping laptop for the WebKit summit
  * kkristof status: doing some gardening
  * kenneth__ status: moving viewport handling to web process side
  * zalan status: working on Bug 83216 - Send visually non-empty delegate callbacks consistently, when the page is restored from page cache. 
  * zalbisser status: beating my head against TextureMappers and GraphicsContexts.
  * jeez_ status: dealing with xvfb, xorg, nvidia drivers and setting up a ubuntu virtual machine so isViewWindowActive can be debugged
  * kbalazs status: more struggling with zoom with no success, now back to v8
  * TwistO status: debugging shader based FEBlend SVG filter, because something is wrong with it yet.
  * elproxy status: finally landed 78001, still fiddling with small rounding-error related text rendering issues
  * Ossy status: one buildfix and fighting with greening bots ... never ending regressions ...
  * jturcotte status: trying to get the webprocess destroyed when destroying the last webview but something is still keeping a reference to WebContext around.

Missing updates from: Smith, Zoltan, andris88, carewolf, cmarcelo, hugopl, igoroliveira, laknudse, lmoura, loki04, luck, mibrunin, mulvad, rafaelbrandao, setanta, tczene, torarne, tronical, zherczeg

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