[webkit-qt] Support levels for QtWebKit

laszlo.1.gombos at nokia.com laszlo.1.gombos at nokia.com
Tue May 10 21:50:02 PDT 2011


I'd like to make a proposal and invite feedback from the community on defining supported platforms for QtWebKit releases. Qt and QtWebKit support a number of platforms and I think it is important that we agree and make it transparent what's involved supporting a platform. It would be great to roll this out starting the next (v2.2) release of QtWebKit.

The proposal introduces 3 tiers/bars and if a particular platform passes a tier than the platform will be declared as supported at a given tier. The 3 tiers are: 

Reference Platform
 - It is restricted to one and only one platform which dominates development. There should be no QtWebKit release made (ever) which does not support this platform. Reference platform for QtWebKit is currently Linux Desktop (or more precisely the Linux distribution and configuration that the master buildbot is running on).

Tier 1 Platforms
 - Active and green buildbot in place
 - Buildbot runs API tests (or more broadly basic acceptance tests) and LayoutTests (or more broadly regression tests), skipped list for LayoutTests is maintained (failing tests are documented, but no particular promise on which tests are failing/passing)
 - API tests should all pass (few exceptions are allowed and reviewed when release is made)

Tier 2
 - Source code builds on the platform and smoke tests are executed

Any feedback on this proposal would be appreciated.


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