[webkit-qt] missing stdint.h error in MimeSniffing.cpp

Baldeva, Arpit abaldeva at ea.com
Tue May 10 22:32:47 PDT 2011


I downloaded the latest source code from the WebKit trunk and installed the required tools(except make). I am using Qt -4.7.1 and VS 2008. I opened a VS2008 command prompt and ran the build-webkit --qt --release script command. After building for a long time, I am seeing the compile error mentioned in the subject line (Missing stdint.h while compiling MineSniffing.cpp). I know VS2008 does not ship with that header but JavaScriptCore does. Any ideas why I am seeing this error?

I modified the source file to include <os-win32/stdint.h> and that seems to have resolved the compile issue. Strange though that some other places in WebCore are including <stdint.h> directly. And I get a successful link resulting in QtWebKit4.dll in the WebKitBuild\Release\bin directory.

However, I am seeing following linker error. Any ideas?

link /LIBPATH:"c:\WebKit_trunk\WebKit-SVN-source\webkit\WebKitBuild\Release\lib" /LIBPATH:"c:\Qt\4.7.1\lib" /NOLOGO /INCREMENTAL:NO /MANIFEST /MANIFESTFILE:"obj/release\tst_qdeclarativewebview.intermediate.manifest" /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE /OUT:release\tst_qdeclarativewebview.exe @C:\DOCUME~1\abaldeva\LOCALS~1\Temp\nm11D.tmp
tst_qdeclarativewebview.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: static struct QMetaObject const QDeclarativeWebView::staticMetaObject" (?staticMetaObject at QDeclarativeWebView@@2UQMetaObject@@B) referenced in function "class QDeclarativeWebView * __cdecl qobject_cast<class QDeclarativeWebView *>(class QObject *)" (??$qobject_cast at PAVQDeclarativeWebView@@@@YAPAVQDeclarativeWebView@@PAVQObject@@@Z)
release\tst_qdeclarativewebview.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

Your help is appreciated.


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