[webkit-qt] Documenting QtWebKit features for the web developer

henry.haverinen at nokia.com henry.haverinen at nokia.com
Wed Jan 13 08:42:35 PST 2010

>From: Rosenthal Noam (Nokia-D-Qt/RedwoodCity) 

>Great initiative, many people were asking for this.
>One column that I'd add is "known issues" - sometimes a 
>feature is supported but there are some issues with it.
>Another column I'd maybe add is "since" where one could put a 
>change-number when the feature begins to be supported, or a 
>JIRA bug-ID when it's being tracked and worked on.
>This will allow people to vote/comment on issues and make this 
>list into something more two-sided :)

That's a good idea!.

In some cases the known issues could be visible in the layout test results.
If something works perfectly, then there is less need for documentation.
If it works partially, we should probably refer to some objective test results.


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