[webkit-help] WebKit extreme hight CPU usage

ReK2 rek2 at hispagatos.org
Fri May 13 13:48:54 PDT 2022

Hello, just subscribed because I have an issue with one of my PC's
I compiled nyxt that used webkit and only on my PC the CPU gets up to
450% use, very estreme and I am worried is going to burn it.
I spoke with some nyxt dev in IRC and show me a list off webkit ENV
variables I could try. I try most of them specially the
- webkit-help at lists.webkit.org
no luck... :(
also I was told that this could be related to having an NVIDIA card.
will make sense since my other 2 laptops do not have it and works just
fine as expected.
Any idea what I can do to solve this or make it more managable?
I tried on Arch GNU/Linux with:
- extra/webkit2gtk
- extra/webkit2gtk-4.1
none of those seems to do anything better.

Hope someone can help
Happy Hacking

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