[webkit-help] Content Blocker - a few feature requests

Andrey Meshkov am at adguard.com
Fri Nov 6 08:12:50 PST 2015


I have some suggestions and feedback about content blocking to make it more
"compatible" with the ABP syntax which is used by all ad blockers out there.

1. Is it possible to make "if-domain" and "unless-domain" not exclusive?
There are some situations when you want the rule to work on all domains
except a couple of subdomains.

Something like:
"if-domain": "blogspot.com"
"unless-domain": "subdomain.blogspot.com "

2. Extend regular expressions subset a bit. There is no way to limit the
length of the text in the current implementation. The problem is that this
feature is widely used to block ad networks which are rotating domains.

Example of such rule:

Is it possible to add this feature support?

3. It would be really great if there was a "main-document-url-filter"
trigger. The problem is that now there is no way to disable blocking on a
particular page without whitelisting the whole website.

For instance, you can't convert a rule like this (which unblocks everything
on /reports/* pages, but does not interfere with other pages):

wbr, Andrey Meshkov
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