[webkit-help] Regarding Writing about WebKit's Architecture for Research Paper

Alex Xandra Albert Sim alex.sim at mikroskil.ac.id
Tue Apr 14 01:44:55 PDT 2015


I am a newbie researcher interested in writing a research paper about 
browser engine's architecture. There's already papers written about 
this, for example:


but it's for older browsers. I am planning on writing papers for a more 
modern architecture like the current (and next) Webkit, Servo, etc. As I 
understand by searching from this and other mailing list, Webkit have no 
documented architecture other than the code (CMIIW).

My question is, is it ok if I write one paper regarding this, 
documenting WebKit's architecture in the process? And if it is OK, 
should I ask question about the architecture here or on webkit-dev when 
I have question?

Thank you very much.



Alex Xandra Albert Sim
Sekretaris Jurusan
Teknik Informatika
STMIK Mikroskil

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