[webkit-help] Offlineasm backend selection / LLIntOffsetsExtractor.exe questions

James Sandridge james.sandridge at gamesim.com
Fri Apr 3 14:00:33 PDT 2015

Hello list,

We're having a curious thing happen in our port where offsets.rb selects a different backend than expected: X86  instead of X86_WIN.


We're building on Windows with MSVC 2013, comparison to trunk are comparisons to WinCairo (our base).

We maintain our own variant of the offlineasm (build-LLDesiredOffsets.pl, build-LLIntAssembly, etc.) pipeline that avoids the makefiles and Perl but imitates their calls to the Ruby scripts underlying the overall process.

We also have our own process for generating LLIntOffsetsExtractor.exe, which I think is where our problem lies...

Our process still generates an MSVC solution that builds LLIntOffsetsExtractor.cpp and feeds into asm.rb, but ultimately results in X86 being selected as the active target instead of X86_WIN.

Obviously the problem is on our end and comes from some deviation from the existing process in trunk, but it's not obvious to us what this is.

Does anyone have any experience with the offlineasm process and could suggest some some ideas? Some environment variable we need to set in our process maybe?


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