[webkit-help] Regarding Writing about WebKit's Architecture for Research Paper

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Tue Apr 14 12:59:06 PDT 2015


On 4/14/15 1:44 AM, Alex Xandra Albert Sim wrote:
> I am a newbie researcher interested in writing a research paper about
> browser engine's architecture. There's already papers written about
> this, for example:
> http://grosskurth.ca/papers/browser-refarch.pdf
> http://grosskurth.ca/papers/browser-archevol-20060619.pdf

You will also find this article which is frequently referenced when 
talking about browser architecture: 

> but it's for older browsers. I am planning on writing papers for a more
> modern architecture like the current (and next) Webkit, Servo, etc. As I
> understand by searching from this and other mailing list, Webkit have no
> documented architecture other than the code (CMIIW).

That is right.

The architecture of WebKit evolves constantly. Documentation ends up 
going stale quickly and becomes misleading.

For documentation, the project as a whole aims as using self-documenting 
code and self-contained modules instead of prose.

> My question is, is it ok if I write one paper regarding this,
> documenting WebKit's architecture in the process? And if it is OK,
> should I ask question about the architecture here or on webkit-dev when
> I have question?

You are absolutely welcome to study WebKit and write a paper. Several 
researchers are working on various part of WebKit and they are doing 
some amazing work.

If you have technical questions, you can try webkit-dev.


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