[webkit-help] Increasing Input Sizes for JetStream benchmarks

Malek Musleh malek.musleh at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 09:38:35 PDT 2015


I was wondering if there are a different set of input sizes for the
different jetstream benchmarks available? I am running the benchmarks
in offline mode (local host essentially) and within an architectural
simulator where I would like to stress the memory subsystem a little
bit more.

Currently I run each benchmark individiaudlly, and I set the number of
iterations =3 for each (as is in the default case). I know I can
increase the number of iterations, but that will just make it run
longer, rather than increase the working set size.

I know that jetstream pulls some of its benchmarks from the other JS
suites (sunspider, Octane), but even searching for different input
sizes there hasn't helped.

If there doesn't currently exist larger input sets, can someone
provide guidance on how to appropriately increase the working set /
payload size for certain benchmarks?



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