[webkit-help] JSC: Compiling on iOS

Rolando Abarca m at rolando.cl
Mon Jan 23 09:35:13 PST 2012

Besides the Derived Sources problem that others are facing, I got it to
successfully compile with these steps:
(for the sake of documenting the steps and future reference)

1.- Duplicate target (rename iOSJavaScriptCore or something appropiate)
2.- manually edit the xcode project (the xml file) and change the target
product type to com.apple.product-type.library.static
3.- Link to proper iOS libraries (the same libraries, but point them to the
4.- remove "other linker flags"
5.- deal with the derived sources problems, for the script-generated .lut.h
files. The way I did it was to manually add the include search path to the
place where the files where being generated. This is by far not the best
solution but it works.

Repeat the build process for simulator and iOS device, then use lipo to
create a fat static library.
These steps worked for me with the current trunk revision (from last friday)

Rolando Abarca M.
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