[webkit-help] where can i find the list of functionality covered by Layout Tests?

张鹏超 zpc85 at 126.com
Tue Sep 13 20:28:33 PDT 2011

Hi, all.
     I have been learning the testing frame of webkit and succsussfully run the layout and javascriptcore tests with the help of instruction documents recently.
     Then I tried to find out the functionality covered by test cases, but I could't get any useful information of Layout test.For example, Javascriptcore test casesare from Mozilla ECMA tests, that is clearly specified in the documents. But what about layout tests? I searched all the douments on webkit.org but no anwser was given, then I checked all the log file under the LayoutTests folder, following was the first log:
2005-09-30  Eric Seidel  <eseidel at apple.com>
        Reviewed by xenon.
        Moved WebCore/layout-tests to LayoutTests
       But it still didn't help.  Does anyone have the same question with me? And Dose anyone can help?
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