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On Feb 13, 2011, at 1:11 PM, Nimish Nayak wrote:

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> Hi Adam,
> Ok i will explain in detail
> Task: Extending the JavaScript Core with custom Functions
> Solution1: 
> Can I build the WinLauncher Project separately ie. Copy the WinLauncher Project from the Source to C:\ (not cygwin) and compile it in VS and then just copy the WebCore.dll WebKit.dll JavascripCore.dll from the webkit build and run the project ?
> Because I think I will eventually require these dll's.. the picture is hazy But i think i am understanding some bits and parts of it. plz guide me
> Or 
> Solution2:
> I am supposed to modify/extend the WinLauncher in VS2005, setting it as the current project compile it along with the other projects and then run it.
> I think the first Solution should work without any issues. I dont know why but i have this strong hunch :)

I think you'll probably have fewer problems overall if you go with solution 2. Moving projects out of the source tree and then trying to build them isn't very well tested. Note that you can still build just WinLauncher, even if you're modifying it via WebKit.sln. Build > Project Only > Build Only WinLauncher should do the trick.


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