[webkit-help] Memory Cache confusion

Brian Edmond brian at cranksoftware.com
Sun Feb 13 17:48:01 PST 2011



I am trying to sort out the numbers printed by   MemoryCache::dumpStats().
I have currently set the capactity as:  minDead=maxDead=0 and total=4Mb.
When I load a test page with a single image I see numbers where the Count=1,
Size, LiveSize and DecodedSize look the same.  However I have another page
with loads multiple images, around 20 of them.  I see the count is 20.  The
liveSize and Size are around 4Mb but the decoded size is 2.7Mb.  It seems
only 12 images fit into my cache (based on the image size and the 2.7M it
works out to 12 images).  So I am curious what the other data reported for
liveSize and Size is?  There is nothing listed for Fonts, CSS and


I see references in the code to encoded image data and am wondering if that
is being kept around?  Wouldn't it be released once the image is decoded?
Also since there are 20 resources in the cache does that mean that there are
20 resources with data but only 12 have been decoded?


Is there any documentation on the MemoryCache?  I was hoping to get more
images loaded into the cache and that only the decoded data would be kept
around and accounted for.  





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