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Hi Adam,

Ok i will explain in detail

Task: Extending the JavaScript Core with custom Functions

Can I build the WinLauncher Project separately ie. Copy the WinLauncher
Project from the Source to C:\ (not cygwin) and compile it in VS and then
just copy the WebCore.dll WebKit.dll JavascripCore.dll from the webkit build
and run the project ?
Because I think I will eventually require these dll's.. the picture is hazy
But i think i am understanding some bits and parts of it. plz guide me


I am supposed to modify/extend the WinLauncher in VS2005, setting it as the
current project compile it along with the other projects and then run it.

I think the first Solution should work without any issues. I dont know why
but i have this strong hunch :)

> 3)I am using WinLauncher which is th*e* test browser for trying out my new
> build, by setting it as the active project if i want to extend the
> JavaScript using JSCore Extensions then am i supposed to do it in VS2005
> (with other projects) or can i just copy the folders in tools\ and obj\ and
> save it separately in another drive and compile it.?


Mr. Nimish Nayak
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