[webkit-help] how to build webkit on Fedora 10 (2)

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Hummm, ok, firstly, if we do have dependencies on the xxx-dev packages, why aren't they in the configure.ac???

Secondly, in this case that doesn't appear to be the error - rather pkg-config doesn't seem to be finding 'enchant.pc'.  It being Fedora, I'm going to bet on enchant having been installed outside the standard /usr location.

Morihisa, did you install enchant through the package manager, or by hand?  If you installed it yourself from sources, it normally gets installed to /usr/local, not /usr.  In which case you need to add the following lines to your .bash_profile so that pkg-config can find it:


Hope that helps,


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Please make sure you read http://www.webkit.org/asking_questions.html.
Here your context can be deduced but you will get better answers the
more information you gather and provide.

> This time I tired to build/install webkit-1.2.7 to Fedora Core 10, and
> executed ./configure. ?Then, although enchant is installed, I got
> message

When you run configure, it generates a config.log that should give you
the reason why it is failing.

> ?No Package 'enchant' found

A common mistake about that is that some distributions (the Debian
based ones for example, not sure for Fedora) split packages between
user package and developer package. You need to install developer
packages (see https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/BuildingGtk) that have all
the headers files and everything needed to use the projects.

Hope it helps,
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