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Daniel R. Schneider drs at digital-lifestyle.ch
Thu Apr 28 08:53:28 PDT 2011


It's no double licensing, you have to comply to both licences when you use WebKit.
I know that I saw other licences in some of the source code files, but I guess they are compatible with the LGPL and BSD licences.

What I'm not sure about: Can I embed a private copy of the Mac OS X WebKit frameworks (WebKit.framework, WebCore.framework, JavaScriptCore.framework, JavaScriptCore.framework) in a software licensed by the MPL? The MPL isn't compatible with the GPL, but I'm not sure about the compatibility with LGPL. And I'm just embedding the self compiled OS X framework bundles in my applications bundle, I'm not making modifications in the WebKit code and I'm using the code through its API interface.


On 28.04.2011, at 10:27, Ron David wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a question about the license of Webkit.
> In the home page there is the following statement:
> "WebKit is open source software with portions licensed under the LGPL and BSD licenses. Complete license and copyright information can be found within the code".
> It is not clear whether there is the ability to choose one of the proposed license terms (BSD or LGPL). Is it possible to do that?
> Furthermore, the statement talks about portions of the software. What about other portions which are not licensed under LGPL or BSD?
> Is it possible to use only portion of the code and therefore comply only to the license terms applied for this portion? Is there a clear division to portions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ron David
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