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Bill Appleton billappleton at dreamfactory.com
Tue Jul 20 13:26:39 PDT 2010

hi bill,

you have to declare core graphics AND cocoa events on startup or it won't
run -- did you do that?

i do not think you can debug the host container, is that in the webkit
source? i didn't see it

be aware that from xcode safari will launch in 32 bit mode for a 32 bit
plugin and 64 bit mode for a 64 bit plugin

if you launch safari stand-alone it will be in 64 bit mode and can run 32 or
64 bit plugins, that is where you have to "attach process" etc. to debug



On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Bill Mccormick <billmcc64 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been testing our NPAPI plug-in on the latest versions of Firefox
> and Safari.    Firefox 4 is working ok everywhere.   Safari 5 works
> everywhere except on Snow Leopard.   WebKit on Snow Leopard runs NPAPI
> plug-ins in a separate hosting process called WebKitPluginHost.
> When I start up our test page, Safari/WebKit calls the NP_Initialize()
>  and NP_GetEntryPoints() functions correctly to exchange tables of
> function pointers with the plug-in.    WebKit then calls the NPP_New()
> function to create a new plug-in instance and then everything stops.
> I've debugged this down to the
> NetscapePluginHostManager::instantiatePlugin() function in WebKit.
> This function calls the _WKPHInstantiatePlugin() MIG function which
> does an IPC (presumably to WebKitPluginHost) to create a new plugin
> instance.
> The reply back from this function (received a few lines down), has a
> result code of 5 instead of KERN_SUCCESS.    5 is KERN_FAILURE, which
> is a general failure code.
> So... I thought the next step would be to debug the
> PluginHostContainer, except I can't figure out how to build it.
> Can anyone give me a pointer here?
> thank you
> --
> Bill McCormick
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