[webkit-help] WebKitPluginHost process

Bill Mccormick billmcc64 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 13:21:18 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I've been testing our NPAPI plug-in on the latest versions of Firefox
and Safari.    Firefox 4 is working ok everywhere.   Safari 5 works
everywhere except on Snow Leopard.   WebKit on Snow Leopard runs NPAPI
plug-ins in a separate hosting process called WebKitPluginHost.

When I start up our test page, Safari/WebKit calls the NP_Initialize()
 and NP_GetEntryPoints() functions correctly to exchange tables of
function pointers with the plug-in.    WebKit then calls the NPP_New()
function to create a new plug-in instance and then everything stops.

I've debugged this down to the
NetscapePluginHostManager::instantiatePlugin() function in WebKit.
This function calls the _WKPHInstantiatePlugin() MIG function which
does an IPC (presumably to WebKitPluginHost) to create a new plugin

The reply back from this function (received a few lines down), has a
result code of 5 instead of KERN_SUCCESS.    5 is KERN_FAILURE, which
is a general failure code.

So... I thought the next step would be to debug the
PluginHostContainer, except I can't figure out how to build it.

Can anyone give me a pointer here?

thank you

Bill McCormick

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