[webkit-gtk] How to build from release tar ball?

Danilo Cesar danilo.eu at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 12:11:40 PDT 2013

On Wednesday 10 April 2013 15:54:06 Niranjan Rao wrote:
> I am definitely interested in building/trying out the new version. Any 
> help is greatly appreciated.
> I got multiple responses, thanks for the responses. And yes, I had seen 
> the thread about bumping of the dependencies, but somehow was under 
> (wrong) impression that released version will have necessary 
> scripts/notes to build it.
>  From external user's perspective who is not on the list, this may not a 
> good experience. You go to webkitgtk site, see new shiny release and you 
> have no information what this release depends upon or how to build it 
> and ultimately have to find out by trial and error.

If you visit http://webkitgtk.org and click on the new release announcement, you will be redirect 
to a page[1] where you can find all the requirements, including the download link.

Maybe that information could also be included in the README file.

 > I work on a product which uses Webkit GTK version as one of the core  
> and have great respect for the team for the quality/complexity of the 
> product they are building.  I also know things are not always easy to 
> document. If it helps, I can volunteer some of my time for documenting 
> some this stuff if you are willing to accept my contributions. I can 
> definitely spare few hours a week contributing to webkit community in my 
> own small way.

join #webkitgtk+ channel on Freenode.

[1] - http://webkitgtk.org/2013/03/31/webkitgtk2.0.0-released.html


Danilo Cesar
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