[webkit-gtk] Strange image loading behavior for webkitgtk+ 1.10

Christian Stadelmann chris.privat at genodeftest.de
Fri Apr 12 06:49:37 PDT 2013


I am running Fedora 18 with webkitgtk 1.10.2 installed. I am hacking on RSSOwl
(a feed reader based on Eclipse, see https://github.com/rssowl/RSSOwl and
http://rssowl.org/ ). RSSOwl is generating HTML documents on a server on
localhost from RSS/Atom/… feeds and displaying them using the internal browser
with URLs like, currently
using XULRunner 1.9.2.x. I want to make RSSOwl use webkit instead of the old
XULRunner. Now I have one problem: When displaying a page from RSSOwl's server
in a browser, epiphany (webkitgtk3+) and the Eclipse-internal webkit-based
browser (webkitgtk+) do not display images load from this server. All other
browsers tested so far (Firefox, Opera, Chromium) do load these images. Images
load from the internet (not localhost) are loading fine in all browsers
including epiphany and the Eclipse-internal browser.
I attached one html file generated by RSSOwl.
Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? Is this bug related to HTML
parsing, path resolution or something else? Is the server configured
incorrectly? How can I test any of these?

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