[webkit-gtk] WebKit 2 search API proposal

Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Mon Dec 26 05:17:43 PST 2011

El lun, 26-12-2011 a las 13:40 +0100, Sergio Villar Senin escribió:
> I'll start reviewing the current WK1 API and how it's being used and
> then I'll discuss the proposal for WK2 (some of the ideas come from
> talks with Carlos a couple of weeks ago).
> * Current status
> Both epy and devhelp use the WK1 search API the same way. Whenever
> search function is enabled they both perform
> webkit_web_view_unmark_text_matches();
> webkit_web_view_mark_text_matches();
> webkit_web_view_set_highlight_text_matches(TRUE);
> In order to perform a search clients typically do:
> webkit_web_view_search_text()
> they are forced to store the text to be found in order to be able to
> call search forward or search backward, something that IMO it's a bit
> weird because by one side the API remembers the state of the search but
> by the other side the client always have to provide the text to search.
> Finally when find toolbars are closed
> webkit_web_view_set_highlight_text_matches(FALSE) is called.
> Personally I find also a bit weird to force clients to do
> unmark+mark+set_hightlight always, as that should be the default action
> anyone could expect when searching.
> * Proposal
> - Implement a WebKitWebFindClient which would be a separate object
> returned by the web view. I removed the "_text" suffix from the API as
> it should be pretty clear that we're searching for text. The find client
> will store the text to be search removing that responsibility from the
> caller. I also added the next() and prev() methods that seem to be
> pretty common.
> - WebKitWebFindClient webkit_web_view_get_find_client()
> - void webkit_web_view_get_find_client(WebKitWebFindClient)

I guess this would be set_find_client.

I would avoid using FindClient this way, we are indeed removing
LoaderClient object. I like the idea of using a separate object, but I
would do something similar to the downloads API. 

WebKitSearch *webkit_web_view_search(view, string, flags);

WebKitSearch object would be your FindClient object, but it's created on
demand for every search.

> - webkit_web_find_client_search (string, flags)
>  + signals
>    + found-string(string, match_count)
>    + find-error(string)
>    + matches-count(string, match_count)

The string is stored in the WebKitSearch/FindClient object, so we
shouldn't need to pass it on every signal, we could add API to get if
needed from the callbacks.

> - webkit_web_find_client_search_next()
> - webkit_web_find_client_search_prev()
> Opinions?

Carlos Garcia Campos
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