[webkit-gtk] WebKit 2 search API proposal

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Mon Dec 26 04:40:58 PST 2011

I'll start reviewing the current WK1 API and how it's being used and
then I'll discuss the proposal for WK2 (some of the ideas come from
talks with Carlos a couple of weeks ago).

* Current status

Both epy and devhelp use the WK1 search API the same way. Whenever
search function is enabled they both perform


In order to perform a search clients typically do:


they are forced to store the text to be found in order to be able to
call search forward or search backward, something that IMO it's a bit
weird because by one side the API remembers the state of the search but
by the other side the client always have to provide the text to search.

Finally when find toolbars are closed
webkit_web_view_set_highlight_text_matches(FALSE) is called.

Personally I find also a bit weird to force clients to do
unmark+mark+set_hightlight always, as that should be the default action
anyone could expect when searching.

* Proposal

- Implement a WebKitWebFindClient which would be a separate object
returned by the web view. I removed the "_text" suffix from the API as
it should be pretty clear that we're searching for text. The find client
will store the text to be search removing that responsibility from the
caller. I also added the next() and prev() methods that seem to be
pretty common.

- WebKitWebFindClient webkit_web_view_get_find_client()
- void webkit_web_view_get_find_client(WebKitWebFindClient)

- webkit_web_find_client_search (string, flags)
 + signals
   + found-string(string, match_count)
   + find-error(string)
   + matches-count(string, match_count)

- webkit_web_find_client_search_next()
- webkit_web_find_client_search_prev()


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