[webkit-efl] Consideration about first release of ewebkit

송진우 jinwoo at webkit.org
Thu Jul 31 16:42:39 PDT 2014

Hi WebKit/EFL forks,

I support Ryuan to release the first official ewebkit2 version within EFL
1.11 release. As ewebkit2 has been developed for a long time along with
Tizen webkit development, I think ewebkit2 has necessary features enough to
be released.

As the EFL 1.11 will be released at 16th August, we have only 2 weeks to
stabilize ewebkit2. So I suggest to do a bug bash until this weekend and
make bugs with a prefix. (e.g., [EFL][Release], or please recommend a
proper prefix.) This will help us to find a critical bugs in a short time.


2014-08-01 6:39 GMT+09:00 ryuan Choi <ryuan at enlightenment.org>:

> Hi, all
> I need your opinion about first version of ewebkit.
> ewebkit was always under development without any version.
> (always 0.1.0)
> Within this state (almost 4 years I joined), we made ewebkit1, made
> ewebkit2 and dropped ewebkit1.
> Because I am still newbie, I don't know the level for stable version.
> But, I think that we might not release ewebkit ever if we want more stable
> version.
> About few months, we didn't have any big changes in ewebkit2 interface.
> (Only one big news was dropping ewebkit1)
> Our almost work was following changes of webkit.org.(build fix or
> regression)
> EFL 1.11 will be released after few days later.
> So, what do you think about releasing first version of ewebkit as 1.11 (or
> any suggestion?)
> My simple idea is
> 1. when second merge window of EFL is over, bump the version of ewebkit in
> the webkit trunk(webkit.org)
> 2. sync and fork that to the version branch in github.
> 3. clear some code if needed.
>     - disable features which are still unstable or under development.
>     - cherry-pick patches which are still under review but very important
> for ewebkit.
> 4. test and fix some critical bugs within last three stabilization phase
> of EFL.
> 5. When new version of EFL is released, tag the version like EFL.
> 6. After released, only hot fix is allowed in the version branch for the
> minor release.
> In a short,
> - sync the release process with EFL after second merge window is over.
> - develop the ewebkit in the trunk(webkit.org) always like current
> sitation.
> - maintain the version branch for the hot fix(crash, ...)
> What do you think about it?
> Best Regards,
> Ryuan Choi
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