[webkit-efl] Few change suggestions in EFL port

Tomasz Morawski t.morawski at samsung.com
Mon Apr 23 08:02:28 PDT 2012


> If it's internal header, don't install it.
Yes, it is a good solution for end user and it works. But base on what
do you know which header is internal or not if you consider programmer
point of view?

If we consider files name we have two header files that are private.
Other files should be public but it is not true. Few other files are
also private but without proper name (*_private.h or *_internal.h) you
have to check content of these files or some configuration files to
check if they are public or internal. I know now everybody knows that
ewk_tiled_model.h or other "private header" are private in real but it 
is very not consistent and looks very messy for me and it doesn't look 
consistent. Every now person who would like to contribute to this port
have to know that.

>> There is also 29 other files that are used for internal imlementation only.
>> After adding more private files this number will be higher. What you thing
>> about moving this files into other directory for example "src"?
> We are already inside a directory named Source. Why another one? If
> file doesn't contain "_internal.h" in the name, don't install it.
> Morevover *don't* put struct declarations in public headers.
But, nobody wants to put any structures into public headers (available 
for end user) it is not EFL's style.

Best Regards,
Tomasz Morawski

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