[webkit-dev] WebKit Transition to Git

Ken Russell kbr at google.com
Fri Oct 2 13:48:56 PDT 2020

Excited about this migration! One comment inline.

On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 9:43 AM Jonathan Bedard <jbedard at apple.com> wrote:

> *Patches to Pull Requests*
> In the coming months, more automation will start using the git version of
> the repository instead of the Subversion version. Even immediately after we
> switch, the patch review workflow will remain what it is now (EWS bots
> mostly already use a git clone as their checkout). We do, however, intend
> to switch from a system of patch review to a system of pull requests. This
> process will be incremental and the patch review system will remain alive
> as long as Bugzilla does.
> *GitHub Issues*
> The last part of transitioning away from Subversion is to re-evaluate our
> bug tracker. Bugzilla has served us well, but seems to be an impediment to
> engaging with the open source community. We are interested in moving away
> from Bugzilla and to GitHub Issues, allowing new developers to work with a
> system they are likely already familiar with and to allow us closer
> integration with repositories managed by W3C. Although GitHub Issues has
> had performance problems in the past with projects that have many bugs,
> these performance problems have been resolved to the satisfaction of a few
> large projects hosted on GitHub that are of a comparable scale to WebKit.
> The biggest blocker we are aware of is managing security bugs, since the
> security advisory system used by GitHub is essentially the opposite of how
> WebKit security bugs work. Moving to GitHub Issues, if it happens, will be
> the last part of this transition, and we are interested in soliciting
> feedback from our contributors on what the WebKit project’s integration
> with GitHub Issues should look like.

Github's code review UI has a couple of feature gaps in my opinion. It's
difficult to look at earlier versions of the pull request, in particular to
verify that issues found during code review have been fixed. I remember it
also being difficult to figure out whether all comments on earlier versions
have been addressed.

Gerrit code review has worked well in my experience. It explicitly manages
different versions of the same patch set, and prominently shows whether all
code review comments have been addressed.

I realize that Gerrit might not integrate at all with hosting the repo on
Github, but has any thought been given to this aspect of the transition?



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