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Vienneau, Christopher cvienneau at ea.com
Tue Jun 24 11:59:00 PDT 2014

It appears the project I was looking at had all the webkit2 code removed from it, which is why I didn't find the INSPECTOR_SERVER code defines; looking at the trunk code I see it there (last pulled in October).  The port I'm looking at, I believe was originally based off the QT port.  When I get a chance to get back to this, I presume I'll be able to bring over the portions of the webkit2 code needed for remote web inspector, but I'll have to spend some time investigating what will work best in this particular case.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, it's been very helpful; I'm still fairly new to WebKit so the pointers are much appreciated.


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On 21/06/14 03:07, Vienneau, Christopher wrote:
> However your response leads me to believe that it could be as easy as 
> enabling a define?  Searching my code for INSPECTOR_SERVER I only find 
> it in FeatureDefinesNix.hbut no source code wrapped by it.
> REMOTE_INSPECTOR does not show up at all.  Should I see source using 
> these defines or do I misunderstand?  I’m guessing the port being used 
> here doesn’t have the things you mentioned in it; which is “Cairo”.  I 
> expect the server portion needed to implement isn’t too difficult, and 
> I suppose the other ports could be used as examples.

As Joseph mentioned, INSPECTOR_SERVER is likely the way to go for you if you are not using a mac port. As you can see from the list that he sent with the files containing that compiler guard most of the code is totally port independent. Ports just need to implement a couple of stuff to get it working (apart from enabling the guard at build time).

Regarding the port, there is no port called "cairo", cairo is just a 2D library used by various ports (gtk, wincairo) to render content. As you mentioned that file, I guess you're using an old check out of WebKit that still contains WebKitNIX which was removed from the tree some time ago. Basically just check what GTK or EFL do and do the same.


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