[webkit-dev] Updating HTML Gamepad support

Michal Debski m.debski at samsung.com
Mon Jun 23 03:24:39 PDT 2014


sorry to reply so late but we had some holidays in my timezone :). I see 
you have already prepared patch with IDLs and related c++ code.
I hope we can cooperate on this feature as I have already completed the 
implementation and had working both EFL and GTK port. I wrote 'had' 
because week ago one of the patches changed the code I have relied on 
and GTK is compiling no more.

Back to implementation I have working WebCore part with events support, 
port side in form of providers which are delivered by each port and 
layout tests logic. I have also done EFL and GTK providers 
implementation so there is no regression on any port. Several tests 
cases (including mozilla's http://luser.github.io/gamepadtest/) are 
working on EFL port and were working on GTK.

You can see my meta bug, which links to each bug here:

I have attached changes to corresponding bugs so you can take a look, 
but I'm still trying to make GTK compile (and work).

Best regards,
Michal Debski

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