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> On Jun 20, 2014, at 6:07 PM, Vienneau, Christopher <cvienneau at ea.com> wrote:
> Searching my code for INSPECTOR_SERVER I only find it in FeatureDefinesNix.h but no source code wrapped by it.  REMOTE_INSPECTOR does not show up at all. 

I wonder what WebKit source you actually have, then!

`grep -r -l "INSPECTOR_SERVER” .`

`grep -r -l "REMOTE_INSPECTOR” .`


> Should I see source using these defines or do I misunderstand?  I’m guessing the port being used here doesn’t have the things you mentioned in it; which is “Cairo”.  I expect the server portion needed to implement isn’t too difficult, and I suppose the other ports could be used as examples.
> Chris
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> Hello,
> Yes, this is possible. There are currently two paths to making Web Inspector work across processes.
> Currently enabled by GTK and EFL. The UIProcess process establishes an HTTP Web/WebSocket server. The index page is a listing page which advertises information about each of the different WebViews that can be inspected. For each of these there is a page which fetches the HTML web inspector frontend assets (WebInspectorUI) and then establishes a WebSocket connection back to the UIProcess to send and receive inspector protocol messages.
> Pros:
>   - easy to implement and setup
>   - a compatible web inspector frontend is downloaded on demand, so it should be guarenteed to work
>   - debugger could just be another web browser (you will get best results when that other browser is a WebKit based browser)
> Cons:
>   - pull based, debugger needs to fetch an updated listing
>   - frontend features can be limited when run in a generic web environment (non-native context menus, no copy/paste, no system beep, etc)
> Currently enabled by Mac and iOS. Very port specific right now. Uses XPC to communicate to a middleman process that advertising and helps set up connections for the inspector protocol messages.
> Pros:
>   - push based. As WebViews are created, destroyed, or change, they can advertise updates to debuggers
>   - using XPC the middleman process can check privileges of each side
> Cons:
>   - frontend is not downloaded, so it requires having a debugger process with a frontend that will work with whatever it is connected to
>   - not implemented in other ports, would take port specific work to get this path up and running in other ports
> If this is just something you want to get up and running to make debugging as a developer easier, it sounds like ENABLE(INSPECTOR_SERVER) would work well for you. Depending on your port, there should be settings for enabling and configuring the inspector server (e.g. port # for the server to listen on) and it should be easy to get up and running.
> What port are you working on?
> - Joe
> On Jun 20, 2014, at 4:11 PM, Vienneau, Christopher <cvienneau at ea.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m investigating the possibility of getting access to the “Web Inspector” UI http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebInspector#no1 remotely via another browser/process.  This is useful when attempting to debug a page on a device that doesn’t have the same screen real estate as your PC, such as a mobile device.  I’m familiar with “Weinre” http://people.apache.org/~pmuellr/weinre/docs/latest/Home.html which offers many of the features of Web Inspector in a fashion that I’m talking about; but some important elements are missing, such as profiling and java script debugging.  I found “heX” https://github.com/netease-youdao/hex is able to do what I want, but I would like to be able to accomplish the same thing from WebKit itself, since the target platform isn’t on the pc.  Searching through the WebKit source code I can’t find any trace of it having the ability to open a listening port to have a debugging client attach. 
> Is such a thing already possible?  The docs, and older mail threads suggested that remote operation was once a goal of Web Inspector, does work continue on this vein? Please offer any suggestions on how this might be accomplished.
> Thanks
> Chris Vienneau
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