[webkit-dev] Enabling CSS Grid Layout runtime flag by default

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Fri Apr 25 14:39:25 PDT 2014

Hi Javier,

On 4/25/14, 5:21 AM, Javier Fernandez wrote:
> As we discussed in the last WebKit Contributors Meeting, I think it
> would be useful to have the runtime feature enabled by default.
> We already have a compilation flag since r164659 [1], so enabling the
> runtime flag by default would make easier for developers to try out and
> test the new feature. Of course, in release builds the compilation flag
> is kept to false as expected.
> If everybody agrees, we have a patch ready to do this change:
> http://webkit.org/b/132189
> FWIW, in WebKit nightly builds the runtime feature is set to true or
> false depending on the compilation flag since r166614 [2]. However, this
> is only affects the Mac port.

Personally, I think you should remove the runtime flag, and be very 
aggressive on the #ifdefs to make sure everything can be disabled when 

It would be nice if you could email webkit-dev from time to time about 
your progress on completeness, testing, performance, etc.
I like Zoltan's emails about CSS Shapes status, it is something we 
should do more in the project.


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