[webkit-dev] Notifying PageClient when page transition has begun

Thiago Lacerda thiago.lacerda at openbossa.org
Thu Jul 25 09:08:13 PDT 2013


We in the Nix port team (which is going upstream), are facing an issue that
we need our WebView to know when the page transition has begun.
There was callback, in PageClient, that was making a similar job, called
didCommitLoadForMainFrame, but it was removed recently.
WebPage does have a callback that tells this (didStartPageTransition), but
this is not forwarded to UIProcess, which is kind of weird, since its
opposite (didCompletePageTransition) is fired to PageClient when a page has
completed its transition.
I have a patch that does forward the didPageStartTransition to UIProcess
and I would like to know what you guys think of that. Does this seems
useful to you as well?


Thiago de Barros Lacerda
OpenBossa - INdT
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