[webkit-dev] Changes to main Frame creation in WebCore

Andreas Kling akling at apple.com
Sun Aug 18 16:33:13 PDT 2013

Hello everyone!

Just a friendly heads-up that I’m planning to land some changes to the way main Frames are created in WebCore soon.

Previously, the WebKit layer would create a Frame with no owner element, and Frame::create() would implicitly tell Page that this is going to be the Page::mainFrame(). That mechanism leaves an awkward window in time where Page::m_mainFrame is null, and the goal here is to get rid of that by having Page construct the main Frame itself.

To do that, the Page constructor needs a FrameLoaderClient for the main Frame, in addition to all the other PageClients it already takes as an argument.

I have a patch here with WebKit1/mac and WebKit2 working, reviewed, and ready to rock: <https://webkit.org/b/119964>

Someone with know-how from WK1 ports will need to tweak the Page setup code in the relevant WebKit1 initialization function(s) to add a FrameLoaderClient to the PageClients passed to Page::Page(), and pick up the automatically created Page::mainFrame() instead of creating their own brand-new Frame and expecting it to become the main Frame.

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