[webkit-dev] mouseenter and mouseleave events

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Wed Apr 17 01:00:52 PDT 2013

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 12:46 AM, Allan Sandfeld Jensen <kde at carewolf.com>wrote:

> That is because it is not meant to be enabled any time soon. The CSS4
> definitions are only there to guide our implementation so it behaves in a
> forward compatible way. The problem is we enabled a small part of image-
> rendering back when it was a proposal for CSS3 (and because it is part of
> CSS). The standardization effort is in CSS4 and will probably take a few
> years
> before it is ready to be enabled on any ports.

If there is no plan to enable this anywhere for years. This should not be
in the source today.

> Testing that animations are now in high quality when using the SVG CSS
> image-
> rendering: optimizeQuality, is unfortunately not possible with our existing
> layout tests. I could add a manual test though, if you think that is
> better. I
> also have a patch to add the rest of the ifdefs for the feature so the
> related
> code is more easy to localize, but I don't like adding the feature to the
> build systems since it shouldn't really be enabled.

There should be at a minimum test for the parsing of the values.

Regarding testing the outcome itself...if the current infrastructure is
inadequate, you should look what can be done to fix that. Creating test
coverage is part of adding a feature, you should not dump code somewhere
and hope someone else will pick it up and ship it.

I would prefer you finish the feature before moving on the next one.

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