[webkit-dev] do you want "WK1" and "WK2" keywords in the TestExpectations files?

Dirk Pranke dpranke at chromium.org
Tue Nov 13 11:41:53 PST 2012

Hi all,

I occasionally get asked if the TestExpectations syntax supports a way
to distinguish different results for WebKit1 and WebKit2 via keywords.
We currently don't do this, and different ports have worked around
this in slightly different ways by using dedicated wk2-specific
TestExpectations files and sometimes wk1-specific TestExpectations

However, this is a little awkward and gets worse if you also need to
support different expectations for multiple different configs (e.g.,
mac-lion vs mac-snowleopard vs mac-mountainlion).

So, it seems like WK1 and WK2 keywords might be useful. However, I
don't really want to add more divergence between ports, so it would be
nice to have everyone agree to use it if we were to add it.

What do you all think? Would you like this feature, and would you all use it ?

(Since I don't regularly switch between WK1 and WK2 I don't have a
strong feeling here beyond what I've written above).

-- Dirk

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