[webkit-dev] Hosting the webkitgtk.org site on svn.webkit.org

Martin Robinson mrobinson at webkit.org
Tue Mar 27 11:26:07 PDT 2012

Until this point, the webkitgtk.org page has maintained by an elite
cadre of volunteers working outside the realm of svn.webkit.org. I
feel that it could be quite valuable to host the page on
svn.webkit.org, so that others can file bugs against the page and
submit patches. This isn't an entirely simple proposition though,
because the site contains a lot of largeish (< 10 megabyte) release
tarballs, duplicate copies of all of our documentation, and symbolic

I'd like to propose an alternative where we still host the page on
svn.webkit.org, but in another top-level directory (perhaps 'sites').
This would keep it out of everyones' hair, while still allowing us to
manage it using all the great WebKit community tools. I'm interested
to hear objections or alternative suggestions.


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