[webkit-dev] Feature Announcement: Adding Document.parse()

Rafael Weinstein rafaelw at chromium.org
Mon Jun 4 13:25:31 PDT 2012

Publics-WebApps has arrived at agreement on an extension to the
fragment parsing algorithm which doesn't require a context element.
The basic idea is that the parser picks a context element based on the
contents of the provided markup.

The full semantics are described here:

This mechanism is exposed through a new API call: Document.parse(). It
takes a DOMString of markup and returns a document fragment which
contains the parsed DOM.

There are a few details remaining to be sorted out and this feature
will need spec changes to land in both HTML (which contains the
parser) as well a DOM Parsing and Serialization (which will define the
API) - the editors of the respective specs are on board with the

I've worked with abarth, eseidel, rniwa, ojan & darin in prepping the
patch, which I'd like to submit now for review. There will be some
follow on work, but the bulk will land with:

Let me know if anyone has questions or concerns.


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