[webkit-dev] can I replace webkitwebsrc with souphttpsrc?

Philippe Normand philn at igalia.com
Sun Jun 3 10:52:26 PDT 2012

On Sun, 2012-06-03 at 11:31 +0800, ZiQiangHuan wrote:
> Hi,
> For support to html5 video on my device, I am doing something with
> webkit+gstreamer recently. But I found that there are custom plugins
> "webkitsrc" and "webkitsink" in webkit's gstreamer backend source
> code.For my device I have to replace webkitsink with my videosink. I
> met some trouble with "webkitsrc", and for example I cannot play mp4
> files if their size is too big.

A bug report describing the issue would be very welcome.

>  Then I test it when I replace webkitsrc with gstreamer's plugins
> souphttpsrc, the trouble disappears. So my question is that if I
> replace webkitsrc with souphttpsrc, any trouble I will meet? any
> functions I will loss?

Yes. If you don't use the webkitwebsrc element you'll need to manually
set the user-agent, referer and HTTP cookies. I believe they can't be
set using GObject properties on the element.

> By the way, any introductions for webkit's streaming media policy I
> can learn?

I don't understand this question, please elaborate :)

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